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Vege Delight Vegetarian Restaurant | 波羅蜜養生素齋










The origin of Vege Delight Restaurant began with a group of friends with same interest who love vegetarian food and pursue healthy nutrition. We hope to share our healthy and nutritious vegetarian diet with more friends. Our ideal vegetarian food would have the needs to satisfy one’s tastes from all over the world and allow everyone to experience the taste and warmth of home.

After nearly a year, and careful consideration, a lot of work has been done on these dishes. Each dish has been carefully selected, prepared, and strived for excellence; striving to be in line with health, nutrition, and being environmental-friendly. The concept of our vegetarian restaurant is making it possible for the public to enjoy and love delicious vegetarian food as much as we do.

All sentient beings must be loved. We are all interconnected, and the promotion of vegetarianism, the abstinence from killing and protecting lives, and protection of the environment is our wish that is hoped to come true. The perfection to our vegetarian food, compassionate feelings with one another, stopping the killing but also releasing life, is our forever goal.

Vege Delight Restaurant is looking forward to your visit, and is willing to become like-minded friends with you to create a happy and beautiful future in this community, together.

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