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Come and look at the dish of the week - "Veggie Fish in Chili Oil". The famous dish from Sichuan China original. I will say as soon as you try it and you would not give up. After 15 years moved to North America, I am still missing its chili taste. Of course, I mean the original flavor from the natural fish version. After being vegetarian for over ten years, I never get this taste again until we made the veggies version in VegeDelight Toronto. The taste is 100% original, and the only difference is using veggie fish instead. The Chili feeling makes me unstop, and veggie fish is delicious as well. The must-try item for all my veggie friends! You are welcome to share your experiences with "Veggie Fish in Chili Oil" in VegeDelight. Serving to Greater Toronto Area. Don't forget using online coupon code "VEGFISHINOIL" for 20% discount on this unforgettable great taste. What are you waiting for? Go ahead to enjoy it!


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